Traveling for business, hate eating alone?
Missed out on drinks with an old friend?
Looking to expand your business networks?

Linccup is a new free app that uses your phone’s location services to
help you find and arrange to meet people in your area that share your
interests, both business and social, wherever you may be.

With Linccup you’ll be able to find someone to share a drink with, a new business
connection, a college alum, or perhaps just someone that shares your love for the Mets.

Whether old friends or new contacts, business or social, we want to help people make
useful real world connections. The iPhone version is now available in the App Store,
and we hope to have Android available early in 2016.

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Search Linccup for new or current contacts in your area.

Arrange to meet for coffee, drinks etc using Linccup.

Add new, useful business or social connection to your network.

Set alerts to let you know when contacts are near.

Tag your contacts to more easily organise them.


Use our category filters to find people in your area, based on their industry, their company, the sports teams they follow, their college and more.
Invite individuals or groups to meet, using our default messages, or write your own.
Build a list of the connections you make.
Use our tags to better organise your contact list so you can send messages to particular groups – fellow Yankee fans for example, or family.
Set alerts to let you know when particular groups of contacts are nearby, when old friends or clients are in town perhaps.


You could be at home or away, travelling for business or idling away your spare time, Linccup will help you to find people in your area that share your interests, work in your industry, come from the same hometown or follow the same team, and, like you, want to expand their networks. And we’ll provide a simple way to arrange to meet them
in the real world.


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